My Story

When I was a little kid, I could see other people’s lives though their eyes, from their perspective. Flashes of what was important to them, things they looked at daily. Essentially, from what I understand now, it was something like merging into them. I could also see some really scary, non-physical things that would hang out in certain places, so I would make wide detours around those places or run as fast I could through them.

I was a sensitive kid and I found that when I told people about these things that I’d see, they’d be uncomfortable, or sometimes even angry at me for “making things up.” I didn’t understand why people responded the way they did, so I stopped talking about it. The whole thing was very confusing to me and the pauses were… awkward.

I just wanted to be the same as everyone else. Since my abilities were neither fostered nor encouraged, they went dormant for many years.

I grew up “normally” in the middle class. My parents were immigrants − very driven to make sure their children were well educated and optimally positioned for good jobs so we would be financially stable. Like their parents, and their ancestors before them, my parents believed a certain level of financial stability would give us safety and to a lesser degree, freedom.

My mom was planning my resume from the time when I was about 3 or 4, so every activity my sister and I did when growing up, was geared towards success and achievement. She was adamant that her girls would never need to rely on a man to take care of them. Do not mess with a determined Chinese woman!

In my early 20s, I moved with my husband Chris to New York City.

Seemingly out of nowhere, my body started to implode on itself.

I became allergic to an alarmingly rapidly increasing number of things. Chris and I would joke (quasi-seriously, actually) that I would have to live in one of those sealed bubbles soon. It wasn’t really that funny, but it seemed like that was where things were heading.

Have you ever had a mosquito bite on a knuckle or an ankle? Well imagine that level of itchiness basically everywhere. I couldn’t breathe very well. I couldn’t sleep for more than two hours or so a night. The itchiness was relentless. I’d wake up scratching and crying, my skin open and oozing clear yellow liquid. I felt like I was drowning in damp heat. This went on for weeks and stretched into months. It got so bad, I remember thinking to myself “I’m not strong enough to keep going.” And that is when I seriously began to consider taking my life. Just. To. Make. It. Stop.

By “chance”, I spoke to my aunt who had been seeing an acupuncturist who had special abilities and could “see” energy. He was both a Western MD and an acupuncturist and was the first to insist there was something wrong with her ovaries. He requisitioned a MRI and they discovered undetected stage 4 cancer. He treated her throughout her cancer, and she credited him with saving her life when the rest of her cancer support group all passed away.

Chris was at his wits end, watching me suffer. So when he heard about this man, he declared that I was quitting my job TOMORROW and moving 2000 miles away to receive treatment. Thank God for good men.

Within a week, I was in the Canadian prairies.

Within 5 weeks of treatment with needles, cups and herbs, I went from a suicidal hot mess to vitality.

Relief flooded in, followed by questions. How did this happen? What did this acupuncturist really DO? What else in the unseen was dictating the physical reality? And how much of it?

That began a 25+ year search to know. To understand what was beyond the physical. To experience what lay beyond the ordinary reality.

I sought out, studied and applied various healing modalities, energy modalities, and experienced more and more of the mystical. The more I experienced, the more I wanted to know. It was an insatiable drive to know still even more.

In the meanwhile, Chris and I built a successful real estate business in San Francisco. We started having only the smallest network of friends, and within a few years were doing $20-25 million in sales a year. 

I am an implementer, growth-oriented, and a strong believer in learning from people who have mastery in areas we do not. We invested in our strategic knowledge and implemented not only from a more typical business coaching standpoint but also what we learned from all our energetic non-ordinary reality learning.

Something was missing though. It didn’t matter how much we made. I was driven by a sense of scarcity. We were working 6 days a week and burning out.

Chris would show me our bank statements and I would still be freaked out, even though I could see that we had enough. I realized it was totally ridiculous but couldn’t shake that feeling of not having enough. I was always chasing more, even with all the energetic and spiritual modalities I had access to.

Although we always had enough, and were among the top agents in our company in terms of production, for some reason we couldn’t seem to get past a certain income threshold. It didn’t matter what strategies we learned and implemented. What made it seem more frustrating was that some of our peers were doing much better, many with much less effort, care, and attention to detail than we were putting in.

I kept asking, what is it that I can’t see that we’re bumping up against? Why are we stuck here? I’m willing to do the work. Show me the way.

And then I discovered frequency work in July 2015. As soon as I heard about it, it resonated as true. I knew immediately and without really thinking about it, that my single focus was to clear my own distortions until something told me to stop.

Nothing has yet.

Given who I am, it was an accelerated drive to clear as much as I could as quickly as I could, despite how incredibly intense and uncomfortable it could be at times. I somehow intuitively knew that if I stopped where I was, I would stay where I was, and that was never an option for me. The only way was through.

In December 2017 I cleared enough of my own distortion and lineage patterns that my natural abilities to “see” and remove others’ distortion patterns could come through.

After 9 days in rare solitude, sitting in meditation in a studio apartment in Sedona I merged into the All that Is, Pure Source, the Oneness, that which is Nameless. It’s impossible to convey the magnitude and intensity of this experience using words.

I had experienced this many times on various levels before. But this was different. I surrendered all of who I thought I was to Pure Source. For real. Not to try to get anything. Just total surrender. It was hands down, the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Suddenly I burst into a new level.

I knew who I really was. I no longer had the yearning to know more. The life long seeking actually ceased. I didn’t have anything to fear. I really felt and experienced the magnificent and elaborate illusion of what we call our reality and could see or feel what really was behind it. I could see how we create EVERYTHING. For the first time I felt what it is to be truly abundant from a much higher perspective.

For the first time I felt what it is to be truly abundant from a much higher perspective.

I realized everything was available to me because there are no secrets nor is there a shred of scarcity in the Oneness. I was part of it as is everything, and it is me. The illusion of separation dropped away.


I realized everything was available to me because there are no secrets nor is there a shred of scarcity in the Oneness. I was part of it as is everything, and it is me. The illusion of separation dropped away.


Since then, people have recognized that I am able to help them, on spirit level, to remove the distortions and lineage patterns that condition their realities. People started asking for sessions, which at first I only reluctantly agreed to. But once I realized the profound impact the sessions were having on people, I got more and more enthusiastic, finally realizing or admitting to myself that this work is what I was made for.

As I have helped more and more people, my abilities have grown and sharpened. The more I help other people clear their distortion patterns, the more their frequency vibration rises, which buoys them up, which in turn buoys me up, so I can help people from a higher level. This process continues in an ever expanding and accelerating spiraling process that I call Synergetic Ascension.

What used to take lifetimes to clear, I can help you clear in minutes.

I have been a seeker for over 25 years. There are a lot of people claiming to do a lot of things out there. Much of it I found to be either not that powerful, a manipulation of lower level energies, a manipulation of darkness, and often plain B.S. – an over statement of effect, to put it kindly.

I have not found a “modality” that is faster and more complete. Yes, this frequency work requires our own personal accountability, in that we must have a willingness to look hard at ourselves, to take ownership of our “stuff”.

To me, I was willing to do the work because I didn’t want to be stuck where I was for the rest of my life. I wanted something that I knew was better even though I didn’t know what that something was.

I wanted to be free of the scarcity, of the fear, of the worry, of the sense of not being worthy of love, abundance, success.  

I honor whatever has brought you to read this page. If I can do this, you can do this too. I’m not particularly special. I just happened to be really persistent until I found something that really worked for me.

All you have to be willing to do is be open, do the frequency work and to watch your own patterns – to take accountability for your “stuff” so you can let it go.

You are worth it. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were not. I see the brilliance that you are, even if you do not.

Plus when you clear yourself up, your kids start to follow (if you have kids) as does your lineage behind you. The stronger you become on spirit level, the more you give those closest to you the opportunity to get a leg up on clearing the stuff out of them, too. So these patterns that ran in you don’t repeat in them. Is it worth it to do this so they can be free of what binds your family too?

Whether you choose to work with me to accelerate your journey or not, I wish for you to continue to listen to the calling of your spirit, and ultimately to claim the brilliance that you are. It is time.

Let’s rise together!

Ready to quiet your mind?