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Spherical Leadership – Catalyzing New Paradigm Change


With a world in turmoil, the ‘old paradigm’ style of leadership, dominated by power-hungry, self-serving “leaders,” is way outdated.

So many are desperate for change, but it seems hopeless, and they don’t know what to do.

Although it can be perceived as dire, we’re actually on the cusp of tremendous change.

And that change begins with us—within us.

Not through forcing our agendas.

But instead, by being and acting in a higher frequency resonance, we can catalyze transformation  within our families, our social circles, and our workplaces.

By knowing how to do this and being in Spherical Leadership, we attract others towards us, inspired by our clarity and resonance.

By entraining to someone of a higher resonance (like a naturally occurring frequency synchronization), others begin to open to seeing things from a different perspective.

Catalyzed by a higher frequency resonance, new paradigm leadership fosters collaboration, inspired thinking, and massive increases in productivity—these things become available to the whole, so EVERYONE can rise together.

A living example of new paradigm, synergetic ascension in action.

And that starts with you.

Join me for my workshop Spherical Leadership—Catalyzing New Paradigm Change

What you’ll receive from this powerful workshop:

  • Discussion on the key distinctions between old paradigm leadership and Spherical Leadership, including a shift in power dynamics, authenticity & integrity redefined, the 8 pitfalls that keep you out of Spherical Leadership and the 3 essential actions for embodying this new paradigm leadership
  • 3 potent GFCs (Group Frequency Calibrations®) to help you embody Spherical Leadership with even more clarity and to clear out the heaviness of the old paradigm
  • Video & audio replays so you can advance at your own speed.