Seeding the Light Codes


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In a once in a lifetime retreat to Peru, we journeyed to the Island of the Moon that rises out of the waters of Lake Titicaca, to the seat of the universal akashic records.

On hills of ancient quartz crystal we exponentially amplified our power of manifestation.

In the field of a powerful portal, we got to surrender to a whole new level of flow.

And we ascended to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, into the field of frequencies held in the mountains encircling that lost city. Those mountains hold a very high dimensional order of light accessible only to those vibrating high enough. The real magic, hidden in plain sight.

Together, we seeded the light codes.

Activating the light codes is a catalyst for the remembering of your true potential.

Not the stunted potential distorted by human desire and the perceived limitations of the mind. We’re talking about your true potential—true limitlessness.

Your spiritual momentum skyrockets.

Everything feels more ALIVE and connected.

And now you can join us on this incredible journey!

What you’ll receive from this powerful experience:

  • Intensive frequency work buoyed by the power of the sacred places in Peru that we visited. To raise your vibration so you can receive and activate the light codes of the new consciousness
  • Video AND audio replays when we were inside within controlled environments and also at the actual sacred sites so you can entrain to the power of those places which helped to exponentially raise our frequency in unexpected ways. With lifetime access, you can either watch or listen and advance at your own speed
  • Participation in a high vibration, coherent, fast moving mastermind actively in service to their highest and best versions of self and in service to helping to raise consciousness

This is the third of three critical skill sets (Navigating the Mystery of the Void* and Spiritual Alchemy*) to help you reach a quantum level of vibration, which can lead to awakening in this lifetime.

I’m excited for you to experience this powerfully transformative journey.

Let’s rise together!