Spiritual Alchemy – Transmuting Chaos Into Power

Did you know that you can learn to transmute chaos into power, and havoc into harmony? 

And use the momentum you gain to increase your vibration and attain a higher frequency resonance. 

The higher your frequency resonance, the more centered you feel, the more opportunities you attract, the more synchronicity you experience, and most importantly, the more momentum you gain in your spiritual journey. Life just gets better.

Inspired by the alchemists of old who obsessed over clarifying base metals to create the purity of gold, I call this ability Spiritual Alchemy.

I taught how to activate and cultivate Spiritual Alchemy in a 3 day workshop and now you can learn it too!

What’s included in this transformative experience:

  • 3 part workshop with step by step instruction, learning the powerful skill of spiritual alchemy through frequency work in the form of Group Frequency Calibration® meditations (GFCs)
  • Video AND audio replays so you can either watch or listen and advance at your own speed
  • Participation in a high resonating mastermind comprised of individuals committed to their own awakening and ascension

During this extremely polarized time we’re living in, it’s relatively easy to get pulled down into despair by the chaos—but we have the choice to learn to transmute it and rise with even greater momentum.

We’re super excited to share this critical skill with you!

Let’s rise together!

Karen, Chris & the Spherical Luminosity team