Community Cares Program

Spherical Luminosity Community Cares

Welcome to the Spherical Luminosity Community Cares program! 

This program is guided by Spherical Luminosity’s community.

Its purpose is to provide access to Karen’s live GFCs and Deep Dive events to individuals who would like to benefit from frequency work but do not have the means to purchase these events independently, so they can have access to deeper work than what is offered for free in the weekly video and podcast series Mastering Your World Through Frequencies and in the other periodic free GFCs.

Please note, due to budgetary constraints, this program does NOT include access to IFC (Individual Frequency Calibrations™) nor any of the more advanced intensive class series (such as Coherence Mastery or any of the master classes or live events etc.).

The SLCC program provides access only to upcoming, live Deep Dives and Group Frequency Calibrations. You can find all upcoming GFCs and Deep Dives under Classes & Events


Who is a Spherical Luminosity Community Member?

If you have purchased at least one product (one or more of: a live event, GFC, Deep Dive, Master Class, one-on-one IFC, Coherence Mastery class, etc.), you are considered a member and can nominate away!  Simple as that.


Who Is Eligible to Receive a Gift from the Program?

Our focus is primarily on anyone who is not yet an existing Spherical Luminosity Community Member, but on a case by case basis someone already within the community who would otherwise not be able to afford Karen’s work without assistance may be eligible.

** Important Note: In order to participate, a nominee who has been selected, must create an account with Spherical Luminosity, self-register for the selected event, and pay a small contributory amount of $5 to attend the GFC or Deep Dive and receive the replay link. This $5 contribution will be added to our Spherical Luminosity Community Cares program funds pool to help support payment for future recipients. A built-in “pay it forward,” so to speak, where everyone is contributing to the forward movement of the whole.


How Do I Nominate Someone?

Simply fill out the form below and click ‘Submit’. Our Spherical Luminosity Community Cares program team will review each nomination and get back to you with their selection decision, so be on the lookout for an email from [email protected] for an update.

Until we receive further donations, our funding is limited so there may be a scenario where we will not be able to accept a nominee due to lack of funding, but it is our intention to accept as many nominees as possible while the funding lasts!


Are You Interested in Contributing to the Spherical Luminosity Community Cares program?

If you would like to help our community continue to help others by making a financial contribution (that will be kept anonymous), please write to [email protected] and we will happily share with you how to do so.

Please note that Spherical Luminosity is not a non-profit, and as such there are no tax benefits at this time for making this contribution.

Thank you for considering this—our world really needs it right now!