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Past Online Events

While many of our products are audio only, the products below are for events that were streamed live (usually via Zoom) and therefore have a video replay. Since Karen teaches visually at times, it’s often helpful to see the visual aids she is using.

We’ve received lots of great feedback on these video events, with people saying that participating by video has been particularly powerful for them, helping them realize deep shifts and transformation.

Stability, Growth, Opportunity & Leadership Amidst Chaos

This is a very turbulent time. Starting with the wildfires in California and Australia, then with the COVID-19 pandemic, political turmoil, widespread racial protests, increasing oppression of peaceful protest and intensification of natural disasters, things are getting progressively more chaotic. These events are revealing and intensifying what we have not wanted to look at collectively: systemic oppression, leadership abuse, collective fear and often a shocking lack of personal accountability.

Living Your Brilliance Intensive 

Your brilliance is not something outside of you that you need to find or obtain—it IS you.

How do we shift from seeking our brilliance, from seeking awakening and abundance outside of ourselves, to being aware of, experiencing and living the brilliance that is innately us?

We are in a critical time, and where you put your focus absolutely matters in terms of our choice to accelerate into and being able to integrate the higher resonating frequencies or to stay in the lower frequency resonances. This is about refining ourselves, making ourselves ready to live the new consciousness.