Breaking Addictive Eating, Yo Yo Dieting and Unhealthy Eating Patterns



Have you struggled with the cycle of starving yourself and then binge eating? Do you find yourself obsessively counting calories? Maybe you have noticed that you eat as a way of dealing with stress or when you’re bored or lonely? Do you reward and punish yourself with food? Does food pervade many of your thoughts? Do you feel like you’re never really satiated no matter what you eat?

In many cultures, food is much more than just sustenance for the body. It is often the focus of celebration. It is one of the ways we commune over and bond through. Sharing food is how we often express love or being loved.

Because food is so deeply associated with love, acceptance, deserving, abundance or lack of it through our lineage and cultural patterns and is so fundamentally linked to our survival, it is unsurprising that distortions patterns arise around food.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your higher self to help:

  • Let go of the self-abuse patterns of denying yourself food
  • Release the shame of not being able to control your appetite or cravings
  • Delete the patterns of obsessive thinking of food
  • Clear the guilt of overeating
  • Release the feeling of never being satiated
  • Let go of the struggle with food
  • Delete the patterns that you can never have enough to eat
  • Clear the patterns of eating to distract yourself from boredom or emotions you are trying to avoid
  • Let go of the feeling that you are not worthy of having food or only small amounts of it
  • Delete the patterns of stress eating
  • Recalibrate your sense of knowing when you’re full and satiated
  • Release emotional addiction to food
  • Delete the pattern of eating to make you feel whole
  • Amplify your inner sense of wholeness so you don’t need food for a sense of comfort
  • Reset the feeling of nourishment from food, as well as sources other than food
  • Clear the cultural conditioning that your body needs to look or be a certain way in order for you to be (worthy of being) accepted or loved
  • Amplify your inner knowingness of what foods your body needs and will benefit from, and also those which are not beneficial to you

So you can feel full without feeling guilty, ashamed or unworthy.