Clearing The Slate: Releasing Old Beliefs, Assumptions & Conclusions



Have you ever been asked a question or put in a situation where it revealed a deeply held belief that you weren’t even aware you had AND THEN realized how this belief has held you back? What if what we think, believe, assume or conclude is true, actually only seems true because we have been led to believe that it is so by our lineage, culture or other conditioning? What is possible if those beliefs are no longer there? What opportunities are we overlooking because we can’t even see them because of all these beliefs running that result in us being unaware of or blind to them?

Some of the things that slow us down the most in changing the way we perceive and experience our reality, in addition to our spiritual acceleration, are underlying beliefs, assumptions and conclusions that are so entrenched in our identity and how we see that world that we are no longer aware of them.

It’s only when something interrupts our habituated pattern of perception, whether it be a question, a story or what can look like a crisis, that we start to see or perceive that there are a lot of these running that we were not aware of – many of which do not really serve us or who or where we’d like to be.

We can only get to a certain point in our awakening process without letting all this baggage go.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to remove the lineage, cultural and religious distortion patterns that are creating and causing you to cling to these old beliefs, assumptions & conclusions, so you can wipe the slate clean. Let’s make some changes so you can accelerate forward on spirit level AND experience and live more possibilities!