Loosening The Grip of Overactive Control



Do you feel like you need to plan, organize and corral people, situations, and time in your life? Are you so pulled together that when anything goes differently than planned it makes you cranky, angry, or anxious? Does the phrase “going with the flow” irritate you or make you uncomfortable? Do you feel like you know what people should be doing better than they do? Do people tend to say that you’re bossy or that it’s difficult to just be themselves around you?

Often when we are uncertain or feel unstable with the ever-changing nature of our reality, we can tend to want to control things to make ourselves feel better or more safe. Depending on who we are, and our level of fear or anxiety, we can start to believe that if we do not control a greater and greater number of things, then we are in jeopardy. For some, the fear of letting go of control is as intense as the fear of death.

Control, however, is illusory. We never truly control anything even if we like to believe that we do.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release the distortion of fear
  • Delete the resistance to not knowing the outcome or the reason why something may be happening
  • Let go of the pattern of controlling others in order to feel safe, comfortable, or important
  • Remove the distortion pattern of fear of feeling out of control
  • Release the patterns of control inherited from lineage
  • Delete the distortion pattern of being at odds with time, so you’re not controlled by time nor trying to control others with it
  • Strengthen your sense of self so you do not have as much of a need to control others

So you can have the ease of being with what is.