Discerning Beneath The Surface



Many things are not what they seem. Whether it’s something more mundane like people saying or presenting themselves as one thing and then acting or doing something quite different, or even in the realm of the unseen where something presenting as the light is actually darkness masquerading as light in order to assert more control over people.

Most of us are easy to fool. We can’t quite tell what things really are because of our distortion patterns running the gamut from: not wanting to see the darkness, a habit of giving away our power because we want to awaken so badly that we’re willing to do anything to accelerate spiritually, not being able to trust ourselves and our inner knowingness, not wanting to see peoples’ distortion patterns or agendas, to name a few.

If you’d like to get better at discerning how things really are, beneath the surface, join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release willful blindness or not wanting to see how things really are because of fear or disappointment that not all things are rosy
  • Let go of the fear of seeing or perceiving darkness
  • Delete the attachment to perceiving things being “all good” or of the brilliance, so that we can become more neutral and perceive more clearly
  • Strengthen your trust in self when perceiving what is
  • Remove lineage patterns or rule sets of how you’re “supposed to” see or perceive people if you’re a good person
  • Enhance your connection to your spirit body so that you can begin to see things more from spirit level than purely from the physical level
  • Amplify your intuition
  • Delete the distortion patterns of rationalizing away what your knowingness or intuition is telling you is true because your mind says something’s unlikely or impossible
  • Increase your neutrality so you can perceive what is really happening without judging or fearing it