Embodying Transcendent Success



Have you found success elusive? Maybe you’ve felt like you’re almost there and somehow something always goes wrong or it slips away? Or you’re really successful in some areas of your life but seem like you’re facing nearly insurmountable challenges in others? 

Even those who have achieved success as it’s been defined by our culture—title, job, money, car, house, spouse, etc.— once they have those things, can find life a little, well . . . flat or boring. 

Is there something else out there? 

Whatever you have achieved and experienced of success, it seems like it’s never complete.

Is there a way to embody success so that we feel it more, attract more of it, and even better—embody and emanate that frequency?

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release the rule sets which define success so you can establish better and more fulfilling criteria for yourself
  • Let go of the lineage patterns that cause the belief that struggle or sacrifice are required in order to succeed
  • Remove the guilt associated with being successful 
  • Release the distortion patterns that keep us looking for success externally
  • Delete non-worthiness of a higher level of success  
  • Redefine success from a higher order
  • Amplify the clarity on what success is, as redefined by you, and what will get you there
  • Increase your ability to attract the opportunities that will lead you to success