Emotional Alchemy – Paving The Way To Transmuting Negative Emotions



Have you witnessed in yourself or in others, the destructiveness of negative emotions and been afraid of being overwhelmed by them?

Many of us have experienced the power, momentum and often destructive force of emotions typically considered negative –emotions like anger, rage or fear, and to a lesser degree the relentlessness of worry, anxiety, frustration or disempowerment.

The reason many of us fear these emotions is because not only do we recognize that it’s often difficult to be on the receiving end of them, but we fear losing control if we allow ourselves to feel these emotions, and we fear the damage we could cause if we were to surrender to them. These emotions can be overwhelming.

What if you could actually use the momentum from these negative emotions in a way that is constructive for your spiritual advancement?

Also, for those of us who are sensitive to the emotions of others, we are often hyper-aware of their emotional state and if we’re not strong enough internally on spirit level, other people’s emotions can affect our mood, our stress level and even our thoughts.

What if you were less susceptible to the negative emotions of others?

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release your fear of, resistance to or discomfort with negative emotions so you can have more neutrality and ease with the gamut of emotions
  • Increase your inner stability and strength so that the negative emotions of others have less of a negative impact on you
  • Remove the lineage patterns that keep you stuck in disempowerment, guilt or shame around your negative emotions
  • Delete the pattern of suppressing negative emotions because they are inappropriate, and/or because it’s considered weak to express them or even to acknowledge them in yourself
  • Let go of the rule sets of what emotions are so you can be free to use them in a way that is constructive for you
  • Create more space between you and your emotions so you’re not governed by them, but rather they serve as information for you
  • Learn how to shift the momentum of your negative emotions into something constructive, that can help you with your spiritual acceleration