Enhancing Grounding



Do you feel a bit overwhelmed? Like life has gotten a little too fast, with too much to do and not quite enough time to get it all done? Or perhaps you’re keeping pace just fine but you’re looking for a way to stay charged up and focused.  Others are sensitive to the waves of ascension energies hitting the earth at the moment which are causing destabilization in addition to acceleration.

Whatever your experience, grounding into the purity of the frequency of mother earth can be stabilizing, recharging, rejuvenating, and help reset you into stillness.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to

  • Connect deeply to the frequency of mother earth to return to a sense of peace irrespective of what is happening around you
  • Clear out the distortions caused by over-exposure to digital devices
  • Ground into the expansive stillness of the collective present now to overcome overwhelm, allowing more to be done, more efficiently and with less effort
  • Detach from the urgencies of others’ sense of time
  • Release oversensitivity to others’ emotional overwhelm
  • Strengthen your sense of being rooted and supported by something greater than yourself, even as you experience change