Financial Abundance



Are you struggling with bringing in more than you currently have? Do you have a lot but still feel like you don’t have enough? Have you experienced a sense of constriction or binding because you don’t have the financial freedom to say yes to things you’d like to do or have in your life?  Do you yearn to have more money?

For many, financial abundance or the feeling of being financially abundant is elusive. For others abundance can be achieved for stretches of time (some longer, some shorter) before nose diving into periods of scarcity.

Money is a charged thing for most of us because it is an amplifier. It magnifies our distortions. The more of it we have the more our distortions are amplified. The more of it we want, the further away we push out the frequency and the experience of having financial abundance outside of ourselves. Ultimately it shows us our weaknesses, including the belief that the external condition can make us happy, strong, free.

For those who chase money without being in a place of neutrality when they ultimately achieve it, that sense of having enough or having accomplished something is very short-lived before the feeling of not having enough returns and the yearning to have more kicks in yet again.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to help:

  • Release lineage patterns of struggle and not having enough
  • Delete the pattern of not being worthy of having abundance
  • Let go of the resistance or blocks to receiving
  • Remove the distortion of the false belief that having money will give you liberation or happiness
  • Release the distortion that you need to produce and work hard to have money
  • Free yourself of the idea that only people who are bad, corrupt, immoral, or abusive in some way have money or abundance
  • Let go of the idea that money in itself is exploitative, corrupting or somehow negative
  • Open the gateway to receiving
  • Delete the pattern of hoarding money and stagnating flow
  • Amplify the pattern that you will have enough
  • Align your frequency with that of having more money present in your life
  • Realize that abundance actually exists within you rather than outside of you, so you stop pushing it further away from you
  • Increase your ease with the idea of having a lot of money without having to justify yourself or play small to make others comfortable
  • Release the false sense of security or pride in having money, in that it makes you feel more valuable or better than others
  • Strengthen your own neutrality about money so your sense of self does not waiver irrespective of how much money you have, which ironically allows more money to come in.

So you can experience a greater feeling of abundance.