FREE PUBLIC SERVICE Being Your Best You Amidst Chaos & Fear GFC – Corona Virus Support



There is an increasing amount of chaos and fear as things become more restrictive, more controversial, and more uncertain.

Many of us are feeling that anxiety as well as the fear of the collective. Some of us are trying to numb ourselves so we can just tune out altogether.

How we show up matters.

It impacts not only ourselves but also the people we’re closest to, our families, our communities, and ultimately, even our future possibilities.

This is an incredibly important time.

I feel it is absolutely critical at this moment to strengthen and be our best selves.

To have generosity, kindness, centeredness, and to act and speak from a higher level of consciousness, because we can choose to rise above this fear and show up in a way that empowers ourselves and inspires others to do the same.

This is so important, so urgent, that I am giving a series of free, public service Group Frequency Calibration® (GFCs) to help people be their best during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

In this next GFC, I will help remove the distortion patterns that are keeping you bound in the fear of the collective, to give you the space AND the momentum to be your best you, amidst the chaos. The first free GFC was about creating distance from fear. This one will have that element as well, for anyone who did not participate in the first one, but there will be an additional focus on transcending the fear.


There is such a huge need for this, that Spherical Luminosity is offering this for FREE as a public service. 

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