FREE PUBLIC SERVICE: Emotional Fallout From The Corona Virus



SO much fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.
More controversy.
More restrictions.
And that is just during this time from the physical threat of the virus.
What about the emotional impact on millions of people who are now jobless? The stress on the healthcare workers who are on the front line helping people, not knowing the risk to themselves and those they care about? The people who are depressed from prolonged isolation?
This a time when feelings of disempowerment, despair, anger, and desperation are rampant.
When will it end? Will it get better?
To help you with the emotional fallout of COVID-19, Karen is giving this very special GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) to help remove the distortion patterns that can cause you to loop in these emotions, to give you some distance from the emotions within you and from the collective, so you can approach whatever the future holds from a grounded, calm, more stable space.
This is essential so we don’t get lost in the spiral downward into low-resonating patterns of fear, depression, and anxiety—places from which poor choices that can adversely affect our future are often made. There’s plenty of momentum in that direction all around us—let’s use the power of our own mastermind to run counter to the collective, to keep us steady and in top form.

There is such a huge need for this, that Spherical Luminosity is offering this for FREE as a public service. 

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