FREE PUBLIC SERVICE: Overcoming Collective Fear: The Corona Virus



There is an increasing level of fear over the Coronavirus. People are on edge. Even those who normally are not as susceptible to media hype are behaving more irrationally and getting caught in the fear dynamics.

Interestingly, while it is still unknown what the treatment for it will be, most people who contract it do not die from it (according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) typically it tends to be older people who have had a pre-existing condition), and compared to the number of people who die from all sorts of other causes of death, the number of fatalities is still relatively low.

Yet people are reacting as if death is imminent.

Despite this basic information, many people are getting overwhelmed and swept up not only by the media’s promulgation of fear but also are taking on the varying levels of worry, anxiety, and fear of the people around them.

In this very special GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®), join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to remove the fear, anxiety, and worry of others and the media from your space and to use this time as an opportunity to strengthen on spirit perspective rather than being victim to the collective experience.

**Please note that the sound quality is not great on this recording, however, it is not the words that Karen says that is important, it’s the unspoken frequency work that makes the difference. So even if you can’t hear her perfectly, the frequency work is still being done.***

There is such a huge need for this, that Spherical Luminosity is offering this for FREE as a public service.

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