Freedom from Emotional Overwhelm



Do you ever feel like your emotions are so strong that you’re overwhelmed or paralyzed by them? Maybe you feel others’ emotions so strongly that you lose track of your own and you struggle to hold your ground.

For some of us, our emotional experience either of our own emotions or of others’ is so intense that we have a difficult time functioning because there is not much room for other input. It can be confusing, disempowering, intimidating, and frustrating to try and control it so we don’t appear or feel like we’re falling apart. Often, we try to stifle some if not all of it, in an effort to manage our emotional experience.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Adjust the intensity of the emotional response
  • Release the tendency of taking on other people’s emotions
  • Delete the frequency of paralysis from too much emotional input
  • Anchor yourself so that you are more firmly grounded and less susceptible to being overwhelmed by emotion (yours or others)
  • Amplify your ability to allow emotion to wash through you instead of holding on to it
  • Let go of the distortion of pent-up emotion that has been stifled in order to manage it
  • Clear the density of other people’s emotional patterns out of you

So you can have a greater sense of peace, stillness, and space to feel your own beingness.