Full Spectrum Coherence Mastery®



Coherence is the key to perceiving and experiencing a better physical reality.

A system works best when it’s in coherence because all its parts are in alignment, allowing it to act more as a unified whole. This is also true for the systems that we consider to be our selves.

The more coherence the system has—on both spirit and physical level—the better it can integrate, the more each aspect (spirit and physical) helps the other to move forward, the more empowered you feel and the more things are able to change on both levels.

Coherence turbocharges frequency work, simultaneously helping to integrate the effects of frequency work into our physical realities.


What you’ll receive from this fundamentally transformative course:

  • A year-long course with specifically sequenced, pivotal classes to give you the most momentum to get into coherence and break through where you’ve habitually gotten stuck

  • Frameworks, strategies and most importantly, the frequency work to raise your frequency resonance to start to inhabit or experience the higher end of the frequency bandwidth that is you, so you can experience more magic, synchronicity and greater opportunity

  • Easy to do, powerful practices and tips to increase your coherence for each topic addressed

  • Powerful GFCs (Group FREQUENCY CALIBRATIONS®) to catalyze tremendous shifts so you can unlock your potential

  • Permanently accessible video replays (available as long as the hosting platform exists!)

  • Audio downloads of the sessions, so you can listen on the go

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Transformation is possible. Progress is possible. Getting into and staying in coherence is the key, and this program is specifically designed to get you there.