Fundamental Body Image Reset



Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted to change the way your body looks? Do you wish you were thinner, more muscular, taller, rounder in certain areas, shorter or just different from the way you are now? Does your perception of how you look affect how you feel about your body and about yourself generally? Does it affect your confidence or lack of it? Do you love your body, loathe it, or are you somewhere in between? Do you find yourself beating yourself up when what you see in the mirror doesn’t match what you would like to see?

In our culture, there is a very strong image of what a desirable body looks like for both men and women. It’s reinforced in media from print to digital, in our movies, our television, video games, etc. Often what we see is unattainable for most people’s body types unless they commit themselves rigorously to training, spending hours at the gym and eating a strict diet. Even then, some peoples’ bodies will not be what is supposedly desirable or ideal.

The challenge is that so many of us start to hate our bodies because they do not conform to that pervasive imagery. Eating disorders are becoming more rampant amongst both boys and girls who are teenagers in an effort to force their bodies to fit those stereotypes. Girls’ most common answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, according to one study, is not the president, a doctor, happy or successful. It’s thin.

That pervasive body image has become a measure of acceptance, self-worth, and love.

If you struggle with how you feel your body looks or how you feel about your body join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to help you:

  • Remove self-loathing of or disgust for your body
  • Shift your perspective to amplify acceptance and appreciation for your body
  • Release filters of distorted perception when you look at your body
  • Delete the cultural conditioning of a very narrowly defined perceived body type as attractive
  • Expand what is considered to be physically beautiful or desirable in bodies, both yours and others
  • Let go of self-judgment, shame and resentment that your body is not that of the cultural ideal
  • Free yourself of someone else’s ideal of beauty or desirability so you can determine what that means for you
  • Enhance the feeling of strength in the body or the desire to strengthen your body, from the higher perspective of fine-tuning or making a well-run machine even more efficient without the focus being on how the body looks
  • Delete the cultural and ancestral conditioning of having to conform to what the desirable body image is in order to be acceptable, appropriate, lovable, marriageable, etc.
  • Release the resentment, shame or beating yourself up for failing to meet (or even come close to meeting) the “ideal”
  • Clarify the difference between how you feel about your body and how others perceive it
  • Let go of the need for your body to be within the narrowly defined version of beauty to feel desirable and/or confident
  • Realize from an experiential standpoint (not solely in your mind) that your desirability has more to do with your inner brilliance and your frequency level than how you appear physically
  • Amplify an internal sense of beauty that is not reliant on external validation for acceptance, love or a sense of self-worth

So you can experience your body free of the binding of cultural conditioning and the distorted perception you may have of it and so you can relax, be present within it, have confidence in and enjoy it.