Intimate Partnership



Do you yearn to connect with another in an intimate partnership but haven’t seemed to find the right one no matter how hard you try? Or you’d like to have an intimate partnership but you’re so guarded against it, it scares you to be vulnerable enough to allow the intimacy necessary to be so deeply connected to another? Are you in an intimate partnership and somehow you feel alone or like you’re roommates and you long for a deeper connection? Or perhaps your intimate partnership is rocky and you’re not sure what do?

Intimate partnership can be a source of meaningful connection and the catalyst for enormous growth. In being so closely and so intimately engaged with another we have the opportunity to see our weaknesses reflected back to us, to transcend them and to become the best person we can be, simply in an honoring of the standard a beloved holds for us. If paired with the right person, and for the highest purpose, the power of two can create a powerful mastermind with incredible momentum furthering the awakening of each individual.

Intimate partnership can also be and often is binding. Often it is a way to assert control over an other so we can feel better about ourselves — more secure, comfortable and safe. Whether it’s through giving all of oneself to the detriment of ourselves or on the other extreme focusing only on how much our own needs are met, this kind of “love” is conditional, binding, and ultimately does not serve either person.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) where she will help your spirit to:

  • Release patterns of non-deserving that prevent you from having a deeply connected, passionate intimate relationship
  • Clear the heart cord of distortion patterns from past relationships
  • Free yourself of the pattern of fear that you will not have enough so you settle for a relationship that is less than your potential
  • Let go of the cultural conditioning that binds you into having a committed relationship even if it is not one that is for both parties’ highest and best
  • Delete the patterns of trauma and wounding that keep you returning to the same types of person even though you know it’s probably not right or possibly even harmful to you
  • Remove the pattern of fear of being alone that traps you in intimate relationships that are binding and which do not serve you
  • Release the distortion pattern of having to save someone else and therefore entering into a committed relationship that is not nourishing and drains your life force
  • Let go of the distortion pattern of needing to have someone else to feel complete so you can enter into intimate relationship whole, without neediness and without a need to control another
  • Delete the pattern of fear of being hurt by or vulnerable to another, so you can open yourself to true, deep intimacy
  • Enhance your ability to attract a partner who is healthy for you and will help to propel you forward
  • Increase your ability to honestly see and truly accept yourself and your partner so there can be greater ease and intimacy between you
  • Amplify your ability to accept, be with, receive and give a higher level of intimacy and connection
  • Awaken a childlike curiosity and wonder so you can rediscover play together
  • Enhance the frequency of passion from a higher level so there is a stronger spirit connection during intimacy