Kids & the Corona Virus – Releasing Fear & Confusion



As much as this time is scary for adults, it is even more so for many kids.

Children are often more sensitive to the collective than adults, so they’re very aware of the nearly universal fear in the adult world, and many of them will naturally take on that fear in order to conform to the collective because they’re using their reading of the collective as a benchmark as they are in the process of establishing their egos and sense of self.

This gets reinforced when the adults they normally look to for groundedness, centeredness, and assurance that everything’s OK, are no longer holding that space.

This creates a lot of instability for kids because they’re not sure how to be nor how to process all the emotions many of them are feeling quite viscerally from the collective.

Because this GFC is primarily for kids the format will be different than usual. Part of it will be a guided meditation or story that takes them on a journey as Karen works on them. Although it’s primarily intended to help children, if you think your kids would be more likely to want to participate if their parent(s) were involved, you would also benefit from the frequency work as well–there will be distortion patterns that you share in common.

So, if you have kids who you feel need help during this time, Karen invites you to accompany your kids and participate in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with their (and your, if you join them) Higher Selves to:

  • Release the grip of the collective fear
  • Strengthen more internally so that they know better the difference between what others are feeling and their own feelings and emotions
  • Separate them more from the collective so they are not processing the emotions of others in addition to their own
  • Remove the distortion patterns of worry, anxiety, and stress that you as a parent may be experiencing, which is unintentionally affecting your children
  • Delete the pattern that they have to conform to the fear or risk being vulnerable to judgment or criticism by others
  • Amplify their sense of self so they can be their best during this time