Leaping Beyond Self Doubt



Do you often intuitively know something in the moment but the more you think about it the more unsure you become? Have you noticed that you have great ideas or recognize something that could take off but talk yourself out of taking action because you don’t think you can do it or can’t figure it out? Do others recognize a lot of potential in you but you’re not able to see what they’re seeing? Are you afraid to speak up even when you have something important or relevant to say because you’re concerned about what others’ may think?

Self-doubt can stop us in our tracks. It can paralyze us in inaction as we wrestle with our feeling or belief that we aren’t up for the task, that we don’t have what it takes to get wherever we want to go – even when others can see our potential.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release the distortion pattern of the fear of failure
  • Remove the fear of succeeding
  • Let go of caring so much about what others think
  • Shift the belief that making a mistake is “bad” and replace it with “mistakes are required to allow us to grow”
  • Clear the belief that others’ opinions or thoughts about you are more valuable or carry more weight than your own
  • Instill the knowingness that success or failure on the physical are simply opportunities for growth on the spirit plane and have nothing to do with our inherent value