Letting Go of Friction in Relationships



Despite our best intentions, friction can arise in relationships—even in our closest ones.

It can stem from all kinds of things. Miscommunication, or judgment and blame, very often related to expectations about how the other person should be acting and how they’ve failed to meet them.

Sometimes we’re just acting unconsciously and say or do something we regret that causes the other pain or anger.

It’s also pretty common to take personally another person’s bad mood or stress or inability to adapt to circumstances or even their detox process.

And in times of instability, friction in relationships heightens.

Whatever the apparent cause of the friction, ALL of it can make us feel unsettled, reactive, cranky, angry, or impatient.

It can often take up a lot of our attention, energy, and focus even if we preferred it didn’t.

And it can linger with us afterward, sometimes even outlasting the relationship itself.

Left unaddressed, this can distort into bitterness and guardedness.

To be able to release friction in relationships gives us the freedom to move into greater neutrality. It allows us to see others more clearly, accept who they are, and to determine from a place of self-honoring how to be with them.

We can feel centered and aware of our own brilliance whatever the dynamic.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with our Higher Selves to help us release friction in relationships, to create more ease in your life.