Living Your Brilliance® Intensive


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Your brilliance is not something outside of you that you need to find or obtain—it IS you.

How do we shift from seeking our brilliance, from seeking awakening and abundance outside of ourselves, to being aware of, experiencing and living the brilliance that is innately us?

We are in a critical time, and where you put your focus absolutely matters in terms of our choice to accelerate into and being able to integrate the higher resonating frequencies or to stay in the lower frequency resonances. This is about refining ourselves, making ourselves ready to live the new consciousness.

Putting our attention on clarifying our brilliance will be incredibly important in the growing intensity of this time, particularly when the lower resonating frequencies can pull your resonance down—and with so many people participating in the polarization, these lower resonating frequencies have massive pulling power.

To help with this, the Living Your Brilliance® 3.5-hour Intensive Live Event replay will provide:

  • Framework of what your brilliance is and how it overlaps with abundance
  • Strategies and tactics for becoming aware of and accessing your brilliance
  • An overview of the common roadblocks to experiencing and living your brilliance
  • Powerful GFCs (Group Frequency Calibrations®) to help begin to remove the distortion patterns preventing you from embodying and living your brilliance
  • Participation in a strong mastermind wanting to use this time to accelerate to the next level of human experience
  • Both video & audio replays of the event

In this time of increasing polarization and chaos, being able to experience and live your brilliance is critical for ascending up into and embodying the new consciousness frequencies that are now here for us to integrate, IF we have the self-mastery and the frequency resonance to do so.