Living Your Brilliance



It is important that we recognize, accept and embody our brilliance—not as a mental or emotional nicety, to make ourselves feel better, but as an experiential “knowingness,” because it is an acknowledgement of our divinity within.

To recognize that—yes—we are human AND we are an embodied expression of the All That Is.

Until we are able to experience our brilliance, we cannot move beyond a certain level from spirit perspective. It is the foundation upon which all other expansion or growth happens.

This is more easily said than done—the distortion patterns around this can be quite thick, and there are a number of control sources that would prefer that we remain less rather than more empowered. Part of what we are here to transcend is the veil of forgetting that blinds us to the fact we are part of Pure Source and the All That Is.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to begin to:

· Remove the distortion patterns that you are not worthy of your own divinity, your own brilliance
· Clear the veil of forgetting even if just for a moment. Even this one time can open the doorway to experiencing this more frequently and for longer durations
· Release the lineage, cultural and religious control patterns that prevent you from recognizing and experiencing your own brilliance
· Amplify the frequencies of self love and self respect from a non-ego perspective, which will allow you to further live and be the brilliance that is you
· Let go of the belief that it is not possible to experience this in the physical body
· Identify (and remove) the programming that runs through you and holds you back from seeing the miracle that you are
· Truly feel and integrate the knowledge that you are ‘enough’, exactly as you are
· Strengthen your foundation so you’re not as susceptible to judgment and so that you don’t “play small” to make others feel more comfortable