Mastery & Momentum: The 6 Core Essentials (Part 3)



After having helped thousands of people in their spiritual and personal journeys, Karen has identified 6 core essentials that when practiced, give people the most momentum for huge positive change in their lives, whether they’re a total beginner or someone very experienced.

Refining and mastering these core essentials is the “secret special sauce” for accelerated awakening. 

They completely shift how we experience the challenges that life can put in our way.

Rather than getting pulled down by life’s challenges, you can instead use them to fuel growth, clarity, and that all-important rise in your frequency resonance.

In the third part of this 3-part series, we cover two of the states that deepen and interweave all 6 core essentials together for an extraordinarily powerful complete practice.

Part 3 of this transformational workshop includes:

  • A 2.5-hour workshop covering Core Essential #5 (Neutrality) and #6 (Surrender From Strength). These will give you distance from the stickiness and reactivity of thoughts and emotions, helping you better access a flow state where you can experience more synchronicity, ease and faster manifestation
  • A breakdown of these two core essentials, from beginner level up through advanced, so you can practice and continue to refine at whatever level you’re at
  • Potent new Group Frequency Calibration® meditations (GFCs) to meet you where you are and take you up to the next level and beyond
  • Easy to use video & audio replays so you can go at your own pace and repeat where you need to

Refining and mastering the final two core essentials will help you amp up your experience of liberation, awakening, and the abundance of the new consciousness.

This is the third part of the 3-part series that helps you master the 6 core essentials.

Part 1 helps you discover hot to rise above the triggers that normally stop you in your tracks.

Part 2 will teach you how to help you align with life rather than being in resistance to or struggling against it so you can really start to feel like everything in life is happening for your growth.

If you want to truly make exponential growth, we strongly recommend all three parts of Mastery & Momentum — The 6 Core Essentials. The full program can be split over three interest-free payments if that makes it easier financially.




“I have had challenges with people and situations in my life… whenever I have to interact with them, I feel heaviness in my chest and start shaking.

In these situations, as soon as I am able to, I turn to Karen’s Mastery and Momentum.

I know the more I practice the core essentials, the easier it becomes. I tried many things in the past, but this is the first time I am committed to do the work because I see and feel the change in myself.

Sometimes I start crying because I am able to experience a type of freedom and joy I never felt. Thank you, Karen!”  Beata T., Toronto, Canada