Maximizing Contribution-Increasing Impact



There are many of us who want to help others. And for us, it’s part of the core programming of who we are.

There is a specific frequency that I call the “helper” frequency. It can be a beautiful expression of humanness, of our embodied remembering of the Oneness, where we realize that uplifting others also uplifts ourselves.

It can, however, often become distorted, such that a person believes that it’s OK to, and sometimes even that they must, suffer or be negatively impacted in some way in order to help others. In this case, helping is at your expense, and you’ll sacrifice your energy, and emotional or mental bandwidth to try and help, yet only end up emburdening yourself. This results in such a person being increasingly less effective at helping others both in terms of impact and in terms of numbers.

It also can distort into a form of control, where despite it coming from a good intention, the desire to help is no longer neutral, it is about trying to get the other to do what the person “helping” believes is best.

If you’d like to be more effective not only in the help you give others but also the number of people that you can help, while strengthening rather than weakening, join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Clear the need to help others as a way of feeling like you’re worthy of love or that you’re a good person
  • Delete the pattern of self-sacrifice
  • Release control patterns that your way or your belief is right for others just because it seems that way to you
  • Remove the need for deriving significance from being a helper
  • Letting go of the need to feel or experience whatever the other person is feeling or experiencing
  • Pull you further into a neutral space so that you can offer assistance, be in a neutral space and allow for the person to have whatever experience is most helpful to them, even if you don’t necessarily mentally agree with it