Overcoming Holiday Stress



The holidays are a time when our distortion patterns can get the loudest and become difficult to ignore. This is why this period of time has such a high depression and suicide rate. It is where we can feel our perceived deficiencies (lack of abundance, the absence of a partner or loved ones, lack of fulfillment) the most. Somehow the feelings of emptiness, aloneness, or overwhelm are heightened in contrast to the busy-ness and holiday cheer.

It is also often a time when families come together even if they have been physically apart for most of the year. Whether you are close with your family or deliberately remain distant, the holidays can be a time when the distortions within the family dynamic can be very apparent. Whether it’s hard for you to be with your family, whether you love it, or you’re somewhere in between, the holidays can be an opportunity for accelerated growth.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) to work with your Higher Self to:

  • Delete the pattern of feeling alone
  • Release the tailspin of over-doingness and busy-ness
  • Clear the distortion patterns of obligation to family, friends, work
  • Let go of physically and materially over-indulging
  • Distance yourself from the auric field of over-consumption
  • Clear the distortion pattern of exhaustion from hyperactivity at a time when your physical body wants to be quieter in line with the natural rhythm of the world
  • Let go of taking on other people’s stress
  • Release anxiety and worry
  • Delete the patterns of control that can surface between family members
  • Remove the frequency of trying to please and create the “perfect” experience
  • Clear the patterns of emotional manipulation or emotional bullying that can surface
  • Delete the frequency of shutting down or going distant to avoid emotional overwhelm
  • Release the pattern of returning to childhood family dynamics as adults
  • Let go of the fear of being judged by one’s family
  • Ground you in a stronger, more complete sense of self
  • Re-align with the greater pattern of going inward, stillness, rest and quiet happening in the natural world
  • Leverage the thinning of the veils that happens as we transition from the darkest time of the year to the light
  • Establish new patterns of what you would like to create during this time of reset

So you can have a sense of inner calmness, and begin to see clearly the family dynamic without judgement, so you can use this time for a period of growth.