Radiating True Beauty



There is an often-quoted saying that “beauty begins within”. But what happens if we don’t feel beautiful within ourselves? Or what if we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin the way we look without the hour in front of the mirror? Often we can become obsessed with what we look like externally at all times, feeling uncomfortable appearing without makeup, or hair done, and presented in a certain way. For some this can become a journey into plastic surgery, chasing the perfect shape.

Make-up, hair styling, dressing well, and even plastic surgery are all expressions of one’s sense of personal beauty. The issue is that those things can either be an expression of your brilliance in the physical form, but often they’re an indication of insecurity about how someone feels within themselves.

If you sometimes have challenges with feeling beautiful no matter what you happen to be wearing or what your hair looks like, join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to help you:

  • Release the fear that if you don’t appear a certain way physically you will not have love, acceptance, or worthiness
  • Let go of the tendency towards self-loathing, disgust, or dislike of your natural physical appearance
  • Delete the need for external validation of your beauty and desirability
  • Allow for greater acceptance of your whole self so that you can be more comfortable as you are, and be comfortable with others witnessing you however you are
  • Let go of the fear that others will somehow “really see you” and become disenchanted or reject you if you are in your natural state.
  • Create more internal coherence such that you are received by others as more integrated, authentic, and magnetic, however, you appear on the outside
  • Enhance your inner brilliance so that it is the beauty of your true essence that people (including yourself) perceive first and foremost

So you can accept and experience your own authentic, personal beauty.