Re-aligning, Resetting & Rejuvenating Through Sleep



Sleep plays a very critical role, on both the physical and spirit level, that can be enhanced whether or not sleep is something you struggle with.

Sleep can be a challenge for many of us when times are relatively normal and we’re moving through the spiritual awakening process. Now that there is so much turbulence and uncertainty on top of that, sleep can be even more of a challenge for some with stress, worry and anxiety making it harder to settle into restful sleep.

On both the physical and spirit level, sleep provides a number of things. Not only does your brain apparently emit a fluid to cleanse itself during sleep, from spirit perspective, during sleep, we can release distortion patterns, which allows us to come into greater alignment and coherence in our waking lives. When we physically wake up from sleep, it is a critical time for us to reset our spirit and physical bodies together into the present moment. If we can go a step further and set into a more precise sense of where we are in space, then even more coherence is established on the physical and spirit levels, and between the two.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self:

  • To help you get into deeper sleep states so that you can feel more rested and have a deeper physical reset
  • Facilitate the release of distortion patterns through sleep
  • Help the brain to more efficiently clear and cleanse itself
  • Help you to anchor into the present moment in time just as you come into conscious wakefulness
  • Upon waking, learn to anchor into the zero point of space quickly and effectively so you have much more influence on your physical reality and can proceed to setting the tone of your day