Releasing Heartache & Break Up



Do you have lingering hurt feelings or heartbreak from a recent break-up or maybe even one from long ago? Is there someone who you still think about even though it’s been years since you physically separated? Do you have grief around intimate partnerships that you can’t seem to explain or pinpoint?

Sometimes when we separate from someone we have been intimate with, it leaves a lingering feeling of emptiness or sadness that we cannot seem to overcome.

This can then negatively impact how we feel about ourselves in an intimate partnership, how we are in an intimate partnership, who we attract, what kind of partnership we would like, and who we would want to be in a relationship with.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to begin to:

  • Release residual hurt feelings
  • Remove patterns of feeling abandoned or fear of being left
  • Let go of feelings of betrayal
  • Delete patterns of feeling unworthy of being in a relationship that is equal to your true essence
  • Amplify the frequency of self-love and self-respect so if you attract someone new it’s not someone with the same incompatibilities as the person (or people) who are the source of your lingering heartache
  • Give you distance from your habitual memory of the relationship or person so you can see them and yourself in a relationship with them as it truly is or was

So you can be free to experience relationships or partnerships free from this type of binding.