Special Extended GFC: The New Frequency Resonance of Time



All realities rest on the axis of the coordinates of space and time.

When a higher consciousness becomes more accessible to us, as is happening now, we need to be able to hold a different resonance of time in order to participate in that higher level consciousness.

This new resonance of time that is recently available to humanity is much less dense than time in this current consciousness paradigm, and as a result more can happen in the same amount of time, more easily, and with a sense of greater spaciousness.

In order to access this new time resonance, we need to purge out the older, heavier frequencies that cannot exist in the new resonance, including the feeling of scarcity of time, struggle, having to sacrifice, the lack of freedom to move towards what we want, non-worthiness, and the heaviness of obligation—just to name a few.

In this very special 60-minute GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®), Karen explains the new resonance of time in greater detail, helping us to purge out the distortion patterns preventing us from accessing this new, higher resonating time, and helping us root more firmly in the new time so we can maintain those frequencies more readily.