Supercharging the Power of the Feminine



What is the power of the feminine? There are many definitions of this which have started to surface, especially now, as the power of the feminine starts to rise again after many centuries of oppression.

The feminine power is often associated with the unknown, the unseeable, the mystery, the art of collaboration, enrollment of people and resources, empowering a group, the power of seduction, the ability to harness different energies and track them all, sensuality, beauty, wisdom, the ability to receive and allow and the power of creation.

For many women who were raised to “not depend on a man” and who were educated and trained to compete equally with men in the workplace, there is a sense of fatigue in “manning up” in order to survive in a male-dominated environment.

For some women, the feminine or feminine traits were completely oppressed, considered weak or inferior and meant to be controlled. In many parts of the world being a woman still means one’s personal safety is often second to a man’s whim or sense of entitlement and her body is someone else’s possession.

And for others, their sense of the feminine is informed by the media, which tells us that women need to be young, conform to a very specific physical look and to be a certain way in order to be desirable or beautiful and to have worth.

What if we could be free to express our power as women without distortion from culture, religion, and media – each in our own unique and individual way?

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) where she will help your spirit to:

  • Release cultural, familial and religious patterns of shame, fear and guilt around the feminine
  • Let go of binding constraints of what is appropriate, permissible and allowable for the feminine
  • Delete patterns of being a “good girl” in order to be worthy
  • Accept all of who you are irrespective of how you look or how you feel you are relative to other women
  • Remove the distortion of having to please in order to be accepted
  • Release cultural, religious, familial ideas of what the feminine should be and instead connect you to the truest essence of the feminine
  • Have the freedom to embrace and embody true feminine power
  • Let go of distortions of competition with other women and with the masculine
  • Delete patterns of trauma that make it feel unsafe for you to express the feminine fully in your own unique way
  • Release the distortion of anger against the masculine for trauma or wounding
  • Hold your center without needing external approval
  • Be free to be as big, loud and expressive as you want to be in the feminine without worrying about triggering others
  • Enhance your capacity to receive the things you want including abundance, magic, the right people and opportunities to help you
  • Increase your appreciation for and recognition of beauty, of yourself, of others and of the world around you
  • Amplify your ability to collaborate, to harness the power of the group for greater impact
  • Boost your ability and desire to create in whatever form is most resonant for you, for the sheer pleasure of creating!