Surrender From Strength



One of the most challenging things for those on a spiritual journey, that many of us are required by circumstances to learn and to embody, is Surrender From Strength (if you don’t know what that is, please watch/listen to Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Episode 139 on “Clarifying Surrender”).
Without surrender only to Pure Source, and from a place of utter knowingness that it’s safe to do so because you can transcend whatever arises on your path, how far you can ascend will be capped.
Until you release the need to control and for the ego/mind to be dominant, you cannot rise beyond a certain level of frequency resonance.
You cannot think or will your way to this state of surrender from strength — you have to release the distortion patterns that are prevent you from embodying it. 
Karen gave a Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) on this topic back in 2019, but has been upgraded significantly since then. 
This is such a foundational Deep Dive, she was guided to give it again from a much higher resonance in order to give people even more momentum to access greater levels of frequency resonance, abundance and possibilities.