Tearing Free From Holiday Family Control Dynamics



The holidays are often a time when families come together, even those that are not particularly close or which do not often gather together.

The auric field of the holidays has within it heavy distortion patterns of over-consumption, an emphasis on the projection of “cheer” whether or not it is authentically felt, and frenetic activity during a time when the physical body wants to mimic the stillness of the earth. When the emphasis on external appearances and markers of success amplifies, and the polarization and control of religion becomes strong, it can be difficult to hold one’s space and not be subject to distortions of this auric field and what the collective experiences within it.

When we come together as a family within this auric field, it can be a stressful time when personalities clash, old power struggles within the family dynamic surface and personal agendas become very apparent, especially if you add to it the dynamic of intimate partners outside of the blood-related family unit.

During this time, control patterns which may be less obvious during other times of the year become very apparent whether it is control over each other, over the celebration, the food, or where the idea of the “perfect” holiday can creep in.

Often, these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) control patterns are intertwined with conditional giving or withholding of love.  Some of these patterns run so deeply in us that they have caused further distortions of low self-worth, non-deserving, even what we believe we are allowed to receive and experience in our physical realities from abundance to intimate partnership.

The holiday period can be a fantastic opportunity to see these control patterns more clearly within our families and within ourselves, gain more distance from them and delete them.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to leverage this holiday period for accelerated clearing.