The Journey Through Grief — Finding Surrender & Distance



It can sometimes be difficult to move on to something new—even if we want to—because we can have a hard time letting ourselves grieve what was lost.

This is true whether it’s a relationship, a circumstance, or even a previous version of yourself that you want to shed, so you can be a higher vibrating, better, more empowered version of yourself.

We can know all the reasons we should ourselves grieve so we can fully move forward. We may be able to clearly see all the benefits. We can really want to.

But sometimes the attachment to what was can really hold us back. And for many, the grief of letting something or someone go can be challenging, even if you intellectually know that it is a positive step. You may even want the emotional relief of moving on, but somehow find yourself stuck anyway.

Oftentimes, it’s part of the human experience to grieve before we can fully let go and move into something new, but many of us are so uncomfortable with grief, we do all kinds of things to avoid it.

Ultimately this prevents us from fully letting go AND fully moving forward.

Grief is not something you can push your way through or think your way through.

Pushing your way through this is not usually something you can will, nor something that you can think your way through. The distortion patterns that create the attachments and the reluctance or fear of letting grief flow through need to be removed.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) where she works with your Higher Self so you can release the attachment and the distortion patterns that keep you from fully moving through grief so you can gain distance and wisdom from it.