Turbo Boosting Revitalization



Have you felt exhausted lately even if you have been sleeping properly? Are you feeling a little burned out from all the emotional turmoil from COVID-19 and the racial unrest? Maybe you’ve found that you’re in a bit of a rut and don’t really feel juiced up about anything?

It has been really hard to feel nourished these days, with the pandemic, the racial unrest that exploded in the US, and the Hong Kong protests that are being squashed. There seems to be so much chaos, so much emotional turbulence—how the heck are you supposed to cope, much less feel revitalized?

It’s more important than ever, given the massive uncertainty as oppression within our current consciousness becomes more and more visible, that we cultivate our own inner “well,” our own vitality so we can continue to cross this threshold from the old consciousness into the new.

In the new consciousness, oppression, dominance, abuse, and control cannot exist. The more frequency work we do to release these distortion patterns, the more we are able, individually—and through the rippled effect collectively (for those who choose it)—to move into a higher level consciousness.

Join Karen for this special GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) to boost revitalization to keep you rolling with, instead of getting rolled over by, the massive changes taking place.