Do you have trouble saying no to people? Are you the person everyone turns to, to get everything done? Are you overwhelmed by the number of projects, committees, and causes you’ve volunteered for or been volunteered for? Do you have a sense of obligation to others that overrides your own instinctual knowing of what would serve you best? Are you the person that everyone complains to, unburden themselves to, or unloads their “stuff” on?

Join Karen for this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) where she will work with your Higher Self to help:

  • Free you from other people’s emotional garbage
  • Create distance between you and others’ sense of urgency
  • Give you more space from other people’s demands
  • Strengthen your sense of self so you can hold your own space and know when you are being encroached upon
  • Enhance your self-worth so that you value yourself as much as you do others
  • Empower your voice so that you can establish boundaries firmly
  • Release the distortion that you have to do things or please other people in order to have value or be worthy of being loved