Breaking the Worry Loop



A lot of people I talk to worry a lot. Are you the type of person who finds yourself getting caught in a cycle of unsettling, anxious thoughts?

You know, bigger ones like: Will I have enough money to pay for this trip to Bali? Did I do well enough on that presentation? Did I forget to turn off the oven before I left the house? What if the car breaks down when we head out on that road trip? What’s going to happen to my mother in 10 years?

And even the kinda smaller ones like: Do I have B.O. right now, or I can’t forget to buy the dog food AGAIN!

Those thoughts just spin around, getting louder, in a worry loop.

The more you worry, the harder and harder it is to be relaxed in the present moment. The louder those worry thoughts become, the more you’re in stress mode. The more anxious you feel, the more of your attention those thoughts take.

It feels pretty terrible, especially because you want the worry to just freaking STOP.

To do that, you need to release the distortion patterns that cause the worry in the first place. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s virtually impossible to will your way out of worry.

If you want to slow down or perhaps even exit the worry loop entirely, join me for this pivotal 3-part deep dive!