Coasting The Waters of Uncertainty



Do you feel like there is an overwhelming level of upheaval and change in the world? Is there too much going on in your life? Do you see the news or look at social media and worry about all the things that are happening or that could happen?

The energy of this year is that of massive change. Often, with change, there first is a breakdown. Old systems are breaking apart or being revealed as broken, from what we do with our garbage and recycling, to our political systems, to gun control. That breakdown is showing up in many people’s personal lives as crises, which are intensifying to catalyze awakening.

It is possible to learn how to surf these constantly changing waters of uncertainty rather than getting caught in the undertow of the waves of change.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release the pattern of resisting what is
  • Delete the pattern of holding on to your rule sets that tell you how things “should be” so you can enter a more fluid state of being
  • Let go of the pattern of indignation so you can enter a more neutral state
  • Amplify ease with and about the unknown
  • Free yourself from the attachment to a false sense of security and certainty
  • Establish trust in your Higher Self and Pure Source that wherever you are is precisely where you need to be