Confirming The Removal



Frequency work is one of the fastest ways to ascend on spirit level.

When I work on you, the distortion patterns that are keeping you stuck in certain areas in your life, that keep your experience and perception of your physical reality the same, are deleted in real time on spirit level.

So why doesn’t your physical reality change in real-time, too? For many, they don’t know how to or don’t want to do the work of confirming the removal of whatever distortion pattern we worked on – which is critical for clearing the pattern out of the lower vibrating physical, emotional, and mental fields.

Only you can do this for yourself. No one else can because you have free will and therefore the choice to keep or to eradicate the distortion patterns we’ve worked on together. Your journey is yours alone. We live our choices whether they make our lives better or worse.

For rapid acceleration, confirming the removal is key. Those who do not want to take personal accountability and just want “to be saved” will still advance some with frequency work, but not nearly as fast or as much as their counterparts who diligently and consistently continue to confirm the removal of these unwanted patterns.

This is the missing key for most.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to help you not only remove the distortion patterns preventing you from confirming the removal of the distortions but also guide you through a step-by-step how-to, so you are empowered to do this for yourself as much as you choose after the GFC.