Breaking Away From Family Patterns

Much of what dictates who we are is formed by the frequency distortion patterns of family dynamics, whether they be lineage patterns or more directly from our immediate relatives.

If we look closely enough, most of us will find ourselves repeating what our parents have said to us or behaving in ways that they did, even if we did not or do not like or feel congruent with what they said or did.  This can extend into patterns of control, abuse, fear. addiction or anger that we can’t seem to stop ourselves from doing or feeling no matter what we try to do. This can cause further distortion into patterns of self loathing and shame.

Often when we return for family gatherings as adults, we find ourselves repeating the same patterns of behavior and emotion from when we were children because the patterns of the family dynamics have remained unchanged. When we see those patterns emerging in what our children say or do, it can show us how much the generations are repeating those same patterns, often unconsciously and without much choice.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release you from the binding of unspoken, inherited rule sets of what should and should not be, and beliefs about what is and is not possible or appropriate
  • Delete the frequencies of abuse or control patterns within the family dynamic even if on the surface it appears it’s just a “close relationship”
  • Remove the frequency of obligation to maintain the family dynamic even if it is operating in a way that is distorted or is disempowering you
  • Give you clarity on what the dynamics are so you can see them from a more neutral perspective
  • Gain distance from the family dynamics so you are not so emotionally constrained by them and you can start to shift them
  • Release the frequencies of blame (of others or yourself)
  • Amplify the coherence between the members of the family so there is more ease even if the members are very different from each other
  • Strengthen your spiritual essence so you don’t get pulled into the family dynamic even if others are still perpetuating the same patterns
  • Amplify that which benefits your growth from the family dynamic, and release that which no longer serves you