Deepening Neutrality



If you want to create enough distance from your own thoughts and emotions to be able to notice them and confirm the removal of your distortion patterns…

If you do want to not be triggered as much by other people or external circumstances… 

Or even if your outcome is to increase the effectiveness of creation-manifestation abilities — the deeper you can sit in neutrality, the more successful you will be.

Neutrality cannot be achieved through thinking. 

You cannot trick your mind into it.

It requires that you release attachment, yearning and a number of other distortion patterns to rise enough in your frequency resonance that you can experience this state of being.

To be clear, neutrality does not mean non-emotional — far from it.

It means that you are truly not attached to any particular outcome (regardless of any preferences you may have) because you’re able to flow easily with what life presents you.

When we’re not in neutrality, we’re often in resistance. With resistance comes friction with life, frustration, a drop in frequency resonance and a whole lot of unnecessary struggle.

The more we can be in neutrality, the more we are able to surrender from strength, which means we can much more easily enter a flow state of being where synchronicities, unexpected opportunities, magic and much faster creation manifestation happens — without us even really trying that hard.

Neutrality is not a binary thing, though. 

Irrespective of our current resonance, we can always deepen our access to neutrality, just as we can continuously refine our ability to remain centered into the zero point. This is about mastery and refinement.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) on Deepening Neutrality.