Dreaming − The Entry Point to Creation/Manifestation



Does your experience of the physical world mirror what you would like it to be? Have you heard the notion that we co-create our reality, but you’re not sure how to do that? Maybe you created a ton of abundance or whatever you wanted to create but then lost it all?

Many of us desire to manifest/create a reality different than what we currently experience, and many of us feel stuck and frustrated because we have a real challenge manifesting that different reality that we envision.

Others of us have ease with manifesting/creating in certain areas of our life but in others we feel stymied.

How do we manifest/create effectively?

There are different modalities which are taught about how to create/manifest, some of which are more effective than others, some of which are effective in the short term but not the long term, some of which have a shadow side to them, and some of which do absolutely nothing.

The challenge with all of these modalities is that without clearing many layers of distortion patterns first, it almost doesn’t matter what you create because those distortion patterns govern form. You can create/manifest things but if you have distortion patterns about or around what you create, those things will still distort or disappear.

Being truly effective creator/manifestors requires three things:

  • Removal of the distortion patterns that prevent us from creating what we desire
  • An effective method of creation/manifestation
  • A high enough frequency vibration (of the person creating) for the creation/manifestation to not only come into form but actually stay for the longer term without distorting

In this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series), Karen will begin the process of clearing the related distortion patterns so you can start to more easily create/manifest with whatever modality you are using.

Later this year, she will be launching a class on creation/manifestation which will address all three of the requirements listed above.

This Deep Dive will be a requirement for that class.

If you want to change your external reality, this is a massive step in being able to do so.