Ego Shakedown: Minimizing The Unexpected Source of Your Problems



Have you ever felt disconnected? Or perhaps bored or discontented with your life? Maybe you have a strong need to be right? Have you noticed a desire to be the best, or more awake, aware, or smarter than others in order to feel good about yourself?

The ego is a slippery thing. It is strongly connected to the mind and is what keeps us experiencing a false sense of separation from the divine, as it establishes, bolsters and reinforces what we think is our identity. This is why we may feel separate, unloved and alone.

The ego is the source of our need to be right, to prove that we are better than others, of judgment of ourselves and of others, needing to be first above others so we can feel worthy, loved and safe. Even one of these things can cause friction in our relationships, whether intimate, familial, work or friends. The strong desire to reinforce our ego can prevent us from finding community that we often yearn for, as result of the sense of separateness mentioned above.

The ego, with its practically inseparable sidekick, the mind, will attempt to control one’s reality (including those around us) to try to regulate our fear, to give us a sense of safety. This makes it extremely difficult to experience ease, neutrality, or even surrender to Pure Source.

The ego will likely be with us until we die, even as we awaken, because we are human and as such are individuated from Pure Source. Thankfully, it is not required to annhiliate the ego or even to mute it entirely in order to awaken. Instead it’s to learn to turn its volume down, to recognize that it is not us, and to give ourselves distance from it so we are not governed by its whims and mandates.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Create a distinction between who we are versus the ego
  • Reduce the volume of the ego and negative mind chatter
  • Decrease the influence the ego has over us and our decision making, increasing our surrender to our Higher Self and Pure Source
  • Learn to move it aside temporarily so inspiration from a higher resonating order can come in
  • Distinguish when it’s your ego interfering with relationships (with self or other) so you can spot it more quickly and establish that essential distance from it
  • Release taking things personally and the common assumption the ego makes—that people are attacking, belittling, or intending to do you harm, as opposed to just being themselves in reaction to whatever is happening
  • Amplify your awareness of your connection only to Pure Source