Inspired Action

Do you feel like you are pushing hard to get things done? Does it take a huge amount of focus, effort and intention to move into action? Do you feel like you get stuck easily? Are you paralyzed with too many options?

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release underlying patterns of heavy inertia preventing you from getting started
  • Open to inspiration that translates easily into action
  • Delete patterns of struggle
  • Amplify the pattern of mental focus and efficiency
  • Enhance the pattern of passion and the desire to share what lights you up
  • Strengthen your sense of purpose
  • Release distortion patterns of fear or resistance to change
  • Let go of the belief that inspired action will create more work than you can or want to handle
  • Attract the right people, opportunities and circumstances to help create momentum

So you can move more easily, efficiently and with focus into inspired action.