Do you catch yourself judging everything and everyone? What someone else is saying, wearing, doing, writing, how they’re being? Do you people say that you’re negative or that you’re hard to be with because you think you’re better than almost everyone else? Or perhaps you’re a conscious person and you’re surprised that you still have more judgement than you’d like or would like to admit? Are you tired of the constant stream of “shoulds” from your inner voice? Do you wonder if life would be easier if there were fewer “shoulds” that you imposed on it?

We are human. We all judge. The function of the mind is to compare one thing against the other to discern the unknown from the known, and whether it’s safe, appropriate, or good. But what happens when that comparison gets so loud that it’s difficult to drop into gratitude or even find peace or contentment because things are not the way they “should be”? What happens when this distortion causes more isolation, separation, and aloneness, even if it is masquerading behind a sense of superiority?

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) where she will work with your Higher Self to help you:

  • Release the fear that we are not enough which causes us to judge others to make ourselves feel better
  • Increase the capacity to accept broader possibilities and ways of being
  • Free you from the binding of what the mind thinks “should be”
  • Enhance your ability to be with what is, as it is
  • Remove the cultural, religious, and lineage patterning that establish arbitrary boundaries of what is appropriate
  • Allow you to become more fluid in your perspective
  • Expand your own sense of self beyond the mind so that you feel complete and don’t have a need to be better than others
  • Accept your own brilliance so you no longer have a need to diminish or compare yourself to others