Leveraging Challenge



Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional – Roger Crawford, author, speaker, most accomplished physically challenged athlete (Sports Illustrated).

Challenge is something that we all face, no matter what culture, race or class we’re born into, no matter the distortion patterns we run.
It is often the crucible for growth.
Even knowing that our greatest triumphs, breakthroughs, AHA moments, and transformations come from transcending challenge, we often resist it, are uncomfortable with it, distract ourselves from facing it and sometimes even spend more energy trying to avoid it than we would need to actually address it.
In avoiding it, we diminish our own capacity to transform and become who and what we wish to be.

If you want challenge to be more of an ally so you can leverage it and use it as a tool for growth when you are faced with it, join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Release the addiction to comfort so we can embrace the learning and opportunity in challenge
  • Let go of the distortion patterns that cause us to distract ourselves so we won’t have to face challenge
  • Strengthen yourself internally so you have the confidence to face challenge
  • Remove the distortion patterns of low self-worth and lack of trust in self so we feel empowered to learn from challenge rather than succumbing to our fear that we will fail against it
  • Release the distortions of suffering and sacrifice so you can face challenge less emburdened 
  • Help you to access your Big “S”elf, giving you a greater perspective of how to view challenge, so it’s less daunting and you can see it for what it is rather than what your mind projects
So you can face challenge as your best self and gain the most from it.