Making Time Your Ally



Many of us have a challenge with time. We may feel like we’re running out of time, that we’re behind and that we’re chasing it, that we’re wasting it or that there will never be enough of it for us to do everything we want to do.

Time is one of the underpinnings of how we create our current physical reality. Without being in the present moment in linear time, it is extremely difficult to not only to intentionally influence your physical reality, but to even accelerate on spirit level.

Not being properly zeroed into time often leads to us feeling stuck, and can make us feel stressed out, maxed out, overwhelmed, ungrounded, anxious, invisible and like we can’t seem to move forward.

Because time is so fundamental, making time your ally is critical not only to access the higher resonating realms of consciousness, but also to have a much better experience in the physical reality. Having time as your ally and being in the present moment is the most empowered state you can be in since it very much impacts your ability to influence and create your reality.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Delete patterns of overwhelm and scarcity of time
  • Release any external control sources or lineage patterns preventing you from being empowered and in the present moment
  • Remove sensitivity to other peoples’ rhythms, urgencies and stress response to time
  • Let go of judgment around your own timing and that of others
  • Expand the perception of the spaciousness and abundance of time that comes from being in the present moment in linear time
  • Center you firmly back in the present moment in linear time and in your body
  • Reset you into the new time paradigm as we move into the new consciousness